Our Projects

Here you can keep up with the progress of our projects. Each of these projects couldn't have been accomplished without your support. Thank you.


Project no.1: The people of Koloa (Completed)


Project Information:

We helped fund and oversee the construction of a protected water well. The well serves over 600 people. The project was implemented by Acre Uganda in conjunction with Calabash from May 2018 - August 2018. We also built 12 hand-washing stations to help stop and prevent the transmission of diseases.

What was needed?

To excavate a water well fitted with a hand pump. The well generates more than 10,000 liters every hour and supplies the community with a manual hand roller. This project was planned and executed in less than four months.



The Tippy Tap:

A low-cost handwashing station made from local, salvaged materials. The eco-friendly and handsfree Tippy Tap is a convenient way for people in rural areas to wash their hands. Controlled by a foot-peddle, the Tippy Tap allows people to wash their hands touching nothing but the soap, significantly reducing bacterial transmission. Unlike traditional mugs that use 500mL of water, the Tippy Tap utilizes only 40mL significantly reducing waste.

Current Impact:

Location: Aria, Uganda (Koloa Village)

Number Built: 12