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Bottle Features:

Advanced Technology

Behind Minimalist Design

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“Calabash is sleek and functions beautifully, and it’s a daily reminder of how essential water is to all of our lives.”

-Michael A. Elliot

Professor and Dean

Emory College of Arts and Sciences


So Far We Have...

-Sold 300+ bottles

-Built 13 water infrastructures

-Helped 600+ people

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Our Mission:

Build clean water infrastructure across rural Africa and create sustainable jobs.

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Yumbe, Uganda (2018)

Our colors represent primary colors used in African print and highlight our mission to improve health conditions in rural parts of Africa.

“My Calabash water bottle outperforms any other water bottle I’ve ever had in its design, functionality, and impact.”

-Fernando Aguila BBA Class of 2019

“I decided to purchase Calabash water bottles because of the story. As Emory’s global office, it was a great way to represent our university and our global impact. The water bottles were a hit as gifts on our trip to Ethiopia! They were well received without explanation, given their sleek design and attractive branding, but once we explained their clean water connection, our public health-focused counterparts were even more pleased. The Calabash story represents the best of Emory, and we were delighted to share them with our counterparts.”

-Tye Tavaras & Sarah Harlan

Office of Provost of Emory University

Co-branding with Calabash Water

Maximize Brand Exposure

-Student, employees, and clients take their bottles everywhere thereby increasing brand recognition immediately.

Contribute to Sustainability

-We empower communities with the knowledge and resources to help them improve health conditions in their villages.

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