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Invest in Water. Don't Just Buy It.

Invest In Clean Water. Don’t Just Buy It.

Calabash Bottles Provide Clean Water Infrastructure in Africa

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What is Calabash?

Calabash designs minimalist water bottles with a mission: building clean water infrastructure across rural Africa and creating sustainable jobs. 

Our Bottles

It’s light and portable, perfect for fitting in the side of a backpack or the cup holder of your car. Its matte outer coating makes it easy to grip and handle. An eco-friendly stainless steel interior ensures that your water will taste exactly as it should, whether it’s hot or cold. But if you don’t want it to taste like water, then an included removable infused filter will let you add flavoring or brew your coffee or tea in it. And wouldn’t you want your ice chilled smoothie or your hot coffee to stay the same temperature throughout a long day? Calabash uses double walled vacuum insulation technology to retain the temperature of whatever you place in the bottles for over 48 hours. 

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How Do We Empower Through Clean Water Projects?


1) Raising Capital

First, we raise funds to support our projects. We use 20% of the proceeds from Calabash sales to fund the construction of water wells in areas of need. Donations also go to funding these projects.

2) Building Infrastructure

Clean water is at the heart of any community. It is a basic necessity needed for any sort of growth to occur. In this phase, we build hard infrastructure like water wells that the whole community can take advantage of. 

3) Facilitating Growth

After a clean water source is created, we fund microbusinesses to help stimulate the local economy. We fund businesses that can utilize this clean water source: health & sanitation, agriculture & food production, and many more.

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